David Doss

Founder, Managing Director
CKC Management LLC

David has 14+ years leading teams of 10+, managing budgets of $5M+, and optimizing $100M+ programs. He's served notable organizations such as Citi and Saks 5th Avenue, working in software, media, financial services, real estate, and cryptocurrency. His diverse experience in fintech drives his dedication to nurturing the role of blockchain within the regulated global financial system.

David earned his BA degree from UC Berkeley at age 18, graduating #1 in his department, summa cum laude. He holds an honors MA and an MBA with a focus on strategy and entrepreneurship. As a Fulbright Scholar, David became fascinated with the global impact of private-sector innovation – drawing him toward a career in tech, fintech, and eventually blockchain. Investing in crypto since early 2017, he has driven 7-figure returns. At Citi, he developed fintech strategies for both B2B and B2C banking and engaged in a social impact initiative led by Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. David also served as VP at Energi (security-focused smart contracts) and Head of Marketing at Jibrel (global alternative asset tokenization). He translates between technical and business aspects of digital assets to help the vehicles that CKC.Fund manages in identifying investment opportunities, managing risk, and optimizing returns.

Brendan Doss

Co-Founder, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
CKC Management LLC

Brendan Doss holds 4 decades of experience in engineering and project management, including with Ford Aerospace and the U.S. Department of Defense, and the Environmental Protection Agency. He brings his deep applied technical expertise, professional network, and management acumen to bear on evaluating the potential of blockchain projects, assessing their feasibility, and managing infrastructural aspects of blockchain technology. Brendan's work in regulated and high-stakes areas such as aerospace, prison security, and hazardous waste removal help the fund vehicles that CKC.Fund manages in taking a systematic approach to identifying and mitigating risk.

Brendan has been avid about cryptoassets since early 2017. He has experienced success with blockchain node-hosting and various staking approaches, and is passionate about the power of crypto investments to produce transformative financial results. Brendan is enthusiastic about helping others maximize their benefit from cryptocurrency. His other interests include wine & food, music, and community service, and he is a long-time active member of his church community.

Delia Sabau

Head of Portfolio and Risk Management
CKC Management LLC

Delia's track record includes developing, launching, and managing investment and risk management strategies for $1B+ portfolios – in the digital asset arena as well as in other/traditional asset classes.

Her asset management background includes a strong global hedge fund management track record, DeFi and blockchain expertise, and extensive alternative data and quantitative research. Having worked in portfolio and risk management for the likes of Fair Isaac (FICO) and Black Rock, she has led investment inititiates across Australia, Europe, Latin America, US, and Canada.

Delia's educational background includes an B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Bucharest, an MBA in Finance from UC Berkeley, as well as blockchain and fintech certifications from Oxford. He global experience and expertise in managing diverse portfolios across multiple regions enable her to bring a well-rounded perspective to a globally-minded digital asset hedge fund, driving value through strategic investment decisions, risk mitigation, and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the international digital asset landscape.

Eugene McCain

Investor Relations
CKC Management LLC

Eugene is a seasoned financial professional with a passion for digital assets and blockchain technology. With extensive experience in Private Equity, Investment Banking, and Venture Capital, Eugene possesses a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

His expertise includes working with startups, early-stage companies, and Fortune 500 organizations. Eugene's strategic mindset, combined with his analytical acumen, enables him to navigate complex market dynamics and identify investment opportunities in the digital asset sector. He has a track record of driving innovation, executing transformative strategies, and delivering exceptional results.

With a storied college athletic career as a long jumper, and an MBA in Strategic Management from the Wharton School of Business, Eugene brings brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, strategic thinking, adaptability, and forward-looking vision to the digital asset hedge fund space, making him a catalyst for CKC.Fund's success in this dynamic and disruptive market.

Elliott Stapleton

General Counsel (JD), Communications Strategy
CKC Management LLC

Elliott is a seasoned attorney with with extensive experience in the legal and business fields. He has worked with a variety of companies, ranging from start-ups to large corporations, providing valuable legal counsel and strategic guidance. With over 15 years of experience, Elliott has gained an in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of businesses across various industries, including technology, media, professional services, transportation, and real estate.

At CKC.Fund, Elliott assists the company in legal advisory, strategic planning, as well as technical and product development. He is adept at code-switching between different frameworks, including technical, business, and legal, to effectively communicate data in alignment with CKC.Fund's goals.

Elliott supports the team in developing messaging, and assists in ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, and risk management initiatives. His contributions to the company help ensure that CKC.Fund is well-positioned to succeed in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving market.


Fund Launchpad Partner | Global Summits & Think Tanks | Next-Gen Advisory Board Overhaul

CKC Management LLC manages investment fund vehicles under the ChainBLX umbrella, which provides corporate development as well as fund administration services. Established in 2020, ChainBLX is a segregated portfolio company serving various vanguard segregated portfolio funds. The organization prioritizes quality insurance and due diligence, ensuring independent oversight through external audits and separation from fund management and advisors. This setup offers investors three independent entities to safeguard their investments.

ChainBLX stands out in the hedge fund industry by utilizing global summits through their segregated think tanks: Digital-Davos SP, Davos-Agency SP, and Davos-Alliance SP. This approach positions ChainBLX as a thought leader and innovator, enhancing the security and attractiveness of private investment fund vehicles advised by CKC.Fund. By convening diverse experts and industry leaders, ChainBLX think tanks foster open discussions and debates to generate innovative ideas and solutions. This unique perspective and diversity of thought cannot be replicated through traditional advisory boards.

CKC Studio Inc.

Blockchain Growth Studio | Co-Creating Web3 Initiatives |
Deal Flow & Logistics Partner

CKC.Fund (CKC Management LLC) specializes in private digital asset investment fund advisory services, while CKC.Studio (CKC Studio Inc.) offers blockchain growth consulting and development services. CKC.Studio leverages blockchain technology and crypto growth marketing to create exceptional digital branded experiences. They provide venture-building and growth-studio services to both startups and established projects in the blockchain space.

The collaboration between CKC.Fund and CKC.Studio creates a comprehensive business that understands digital products from different angles: product development and investment potential. CKC.Studio keeps CKC.Fund updated on the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency trends, expanding their network, improving their tech stack, increasing deal flow, optimizing vendor relationships, and identifying strategic partnerships. Meanwhile, CKC.Fund's insights into investment trends inform CKC.Studio's development direction for digital products. Additionally, CKC.Studio's deep understanding of emerging technologies and standards gained through project management enhances CKC.Fund's investment decision-making process for private investment fund vehicles.


Think Tanks & Consortiums | Insights & Due Diligence | Global Networking Community

Digital Davos is a prominent event series that attracts industry leaders, policymakers, and influencers from around the world. CKC.Fund leverages the Digital Davos network's platform and thought leadership to expand reach, foster valuable connections, gain cutting edge insights, and solidify their position as a leading player in the crypto investment fund advisory space. Digital.Davos provides CKC.Fund access to a vast network of professionals and potential collaborators that help the firm stay ahead in the rapidly-evolving digital asset landscape. Their insights on emerging trends, technologies, and investment strategies provide a major competitive advantage for asset evaluation, due diligence, and other key areas that the crypto investment fund advisory focuses on. Likewise, businesspeople, investors, and other change-makers access a diverse global network and cutting-edge insights on a variety of timely and relevant issues.

Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries

Investment Fund Legal Services | Cayman Islands

Working with Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries (Stuarts) benefits CKC.fund in several ways. Stuarts is a reputable Cayman Islands law firm with expertise in various areas of law, including finance and investment. By collaborating with Stuarts, CKC.fund obtains professional legal advice and guidance related to regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, and risk management for the fund vehicles that it helps to operate. Stuarts' legal expertise helps CKC.fund navigate the complex legal landscape and ensure that their operations align with relevant laws and regulations, enhancing CKC.Fund's stability.

Douglas Patents

Legal Services | USA

By collaborating with Douglas Patents, CKC.Fund receives professional guidance and support in protecting the company's innovative ideas, technologies, and assets. This helps the investment vehicles that CKC.Fund supports to establish a strong foundation for their unique offerings in the financial industry. With the assistance of Douglas Patents, CKC.Fund works on enhancing competitive advantage, maintaining exclusivity, and building a solid reputation for innovative solutions.

Benemerito Law

Legal Services | USA

Benemerito Law is a New York City based law firm supports CKC Management LLC in U.S.-specific securities and compliance matters pertaining to its fund-management work. The firm's various practice areas include business law, intellectual property, real estate law, immigration law, and securities law. Their team of attorneys possess extensive experience in assisting startups, fundraising, and general counsel.