December 2023 CKC.Fund Year in Review

Annual Market Update: 2023 in Review

The crypto sector witnessed a remarkable turnaround in 2023, bouncing back robustly from the tough macroeconomic conditions of the previous year. This resurgence was most evident in the performances of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Both cryptocurrencies hit their lowest values on January 1st, but this marked the beginning of a significant upswing. Over the year, BTC and ETH recorded impressive gains of +154% and +92% respectively. This recovery unfolded in two key phases: a swift rise from January to February, followed by another substantial increase from mid-October through the end of the year...

Blockchain, AI redefine entertainment investments, unlocking trillion-dollar opportunities. 🚀

Maximizing Value in Investment Funds: The Synergy of AI, Entertainment, IP Rights, and Blockchain

As 2024 draws to a close, we're witnessing a resurgence in interest in digital asset and blockchain technology funds. By December 2023, the digital asset space has achieved a market cap of approximately $1.6 trillion USD, an increase of about $100 million since last month. Predominantly, this cap comprises strictly on-chain assets, with a smaller proportion linked to real-world assets (RWAs) like commodity tokenization projects, bonds, and real estate...

November 2023 CKC.Fund Monthly Market Update

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Market Trends - Nov 2023

As November's market sentiment remains positive, ETH's spot performance rose by 13.1%, closely followed by an 8.9% increase in BTC, leading to more extensive on-chain market activity. The average daily transaction counts and fees for BTC tripled compared to October, driven by renewed interest in BRC-20 and Ordinals. This surge marks the second significant wave of demand for digital art and collectibles on Bitcoin since their introduction to the network in May 2023. Benefiting from this uptick, BTC miners experienced a near six-fold increase in total transaction fees in November, a stark contrast to ETH's metrics, which saw only a 1.5-fold rise from October...

A multi-colored, digital women in profile, in a college of abstract and differently colored blockchains.

Tokenizing the Future: How Blockchain and AI are Transforming Real-World Assets

As of November 2023, the total market capitalization of the digital asset space stands at approximately $1.5 trillion USD. Predominantly, this is made up of blockchain-based assets that exist solely on-chain, excluding any tangible or real-world assets. Beyond fiat-backed stablecoins, tokenized gold projects from Tether and Paxos are the main off-blockchain assets among the top 100, ranking at #93 and #100 respectively...

October 2023 CKC.Fund Monthly Market Update

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Market Trends - Oct 2023

The month of October has earned the nickname 'Uptober' among cryptocurrency enthusiasts due to its consistent record of boosting Bitcoin's (BTC) value. Historical data reveals that, in the last decade, including 2023, Bitcoin's price has risen during October in 8 out of 10 instances, with the exceptions being 2014 and 2018. Specifically, in October 2023, anticipatory buzz surrounding the possibility of a Bitcoin spot ETF being sanctioned in the United States led to a remarkable 27.2% surge in Bitcoin's price over the month.

While the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not officially confirmed any ETF approvals, investor sentiment strongly suggests that an endorsement is on the horizon...

Street signs indicating 'Deflation' and 'Inflation' directions, metaphorically presenting the economic choices between deflationary and inflationary policies, relevant to discussions on the Cantillon Effect and cryptocurrency impact.

Can Crypto Flip the Script on the Cantillon Effect?

Irish economist and investor Richard Cantillon delved into the mechanisms of domestic money supply growth during his time when currencies were tethered to precious metals like gold and silver. His findings highlighted two primary drivers of this expansion: the influx of money from foreign nations and the discovery of new silver and gold mines. Published shortly before his tragic demise in 1734, Cantillon's seminal work, "Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en Général," provided valuable insights into the economic consequences of monetary expansion.

Key takeaways from Cantillon's essay revolve around the impact of monetary expansion based on where the newly injected money entered the economy...

September 2023 CKC.Fund Monthly Market Update

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Market Trends - Sep 2023

The crypto markets witnessed a downturn in September, a period that's historically challenging for Bitcoin (BTC) and a spectrum of other assets, including the stock market. This cooling trend coincided with the Federal Reserve's hints at another potential interest rate hike, setting the stage for sustained high rates. Simultaneously, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) deferred decisions on Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs), despite congressional pressure to move forward with approvals. 

In parallel, venture capital investments in blockchain ventures dipped significantly to $500 million in September 2023...

Portrait of Sir Thomas Gresham with the question 'What is Gresham's Law?' against a background featuring a geometric pattern.

How Gresham's Law Can Affect Crypto Markets

In the 16th century, Sir Thomas Gresham delved into the public’s response to the devaluation of currency in England, leading to the principle known as Gresham’s Law. It articulates the economic concept that “inferior currency displaces superior currency” within a financial ecosystem. The case in point: England's silver shillings, which were devalued by being mixed with less valuable metals. Consequently, the pure silver coins, although legally equated to the same value as the debased ones, were seen as more valuable due to their metal content. 

Motivated by self-interest, individuals circulated the less valuable coins for daily transactions and hoarded the full silver shillings, which were undervalued in terms of their legal tender...

August 2023 CKC.Fund Monthly Market Update

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Market Trends - Aug 2023

In August 2023, the digital asset markets saw a resurgence in volatility after a period of low trading activity and stable prices. Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a -11.2% decline during the month, partially offsetting its year-to-date gains of +56.8%. This drop in BTC prices was driven by the liquidation of leveraged positions, and a significant event occurred on August 17th when a "flash-crash" led to the largest single-day sell-off of the year, causing a -7.2% decline in BTC prices and liquidating $2.5 billion worth of derivative contracts within hours. 

While such abrupt market corrections can be unsettling, they serve a crucial role in maintaining the overall health of the market...

Modern Glass Facade Building Adjacent To Old Sandstone Building, Symbolizing Contrast Between Traditional And Digital Asset Classes.

Comparing Investment Strategies:
Cryptocurrency Funds Versus Traditional Asset Class Funds

The investment landscape reveals a significant gap—and a potential opportunity—when comparing cryptocurrency funds with more conventional asset classes. This gap can be partially attributed to the differences in market capitalizations between these intertwined sectors. At CKC.Fund, our perspective is that the digital asset sector offers an asymmetric return on investment potential that merits further investigation. We’ll begin by examining key financial metrics for a clearer comparison. 

Crypto Versus Global Assets As of August 2023, data indicates that the combined global market capitalization for all asset classes is approximately $116 trillion USD, a decrease from...

July 2023 CKC.Fund Monthly Market Update

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Market Trends - Jul 2023

This month, the landscape of the cryptocurrency market underwent a significant transformation driven by recent legal developments within the ongoing SEC vs. Ripple Labs case. Notably, on July 13th, a U.S. district court judge ruled in favor of Ripple, permitting the public sale of its XRP token. Subsequently, several prominent cryptocurrency exchanges promptly reintroduced XRP to their trading platforms.

The market's response was positive, as evidenced by a substantial +35% surge in XRP's value immediately following the announcement. This surge gradually stabilized, culminating in...

Hong Kong Bay a Digital Currency Hub AI Photography

Will Digital Assets Go Mainstream in Hong Kong:
Paradigm Shifts in Financial Services

Hong Kong's treasury chief, Christopher Hui, announced that the city will allow retail investors to trade cryptocurrencies under a new regulatory regime, affirming the permanence of virtual assets. Hong Kong aims to become a major digital asset hub and will begin accepting license applications from cryptocurrency exchanges. The government's shift towards cryptocurrency, coincides with the reopening of the city and aims to restore its international business reputation. 

Stringent regulations, risk assessment, and investor education are slated to be implemented to help safeguard against scams. Here are a few reasons why recent regulatory changes...

June 2023 CKC.Fund Monthly Market Update

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Market Trends - Jun 2023

June ushered in a fresh era of optimism in market sentiment, propelled by significant institutional advancements such as BlackRock's spot Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) application. The impending entry of institutional giants has assuaged risk-averse attitudes, catalyzing a total cryptocurrency market capitalization surge to $1.21 trillion in June, primarily driven by Bitcoin's stellar performance, which marked a +13.6% growth. In the wake of 

BlackRock's application, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust's (GBTC) discount to its underlying BTC holdings decreased to 37% from the previous 44%. Mirroring this move...

Traditional and Futuristic Architecture Juxtaposed AI Photography

Shifting Paradigms: Engagement or Erosion?
(The Hidden Costs of Ignoring Cryptocurrency)

In an era marked by persistent inflation and market volatility, capital deployment strategies are paramount for safeguarding your wealth. Without proper investment, inflation can devalue your savings at an annual rate of 2-10%, or even more. For instance, a 6% average annual inflation could dwindle $100 million into less than $50 million worth of purchasing power in just over a decade. The path to wealth preservation in this high inflation environment necessitates astute investment, and not just within traditional avenues. 

Achieving a 7% return on investment (ROI), commonly accepted as favorable, is no longer sufficient in countries where inflation rates outstrip these returns. In 2022, for example...

May 2023 CKC.Fund Monthly Market Update

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Market Trends - May 2023

In the wake of an impressive Q1 rally where Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) soared by +70% and +55% respectively, May reflected a period of quietude with reduced trading volumes. BTC maintained a monthly range of $26,000–$30,000, while ETH hovered between $1,750–$2,000, reflecting a period of reduced price volatility and subdued trading activity. The daily BTC spot to BTC futures volumes plunged from 0.8 in mid-February to 0.2 by the end of May, marking a 12-month low. 

This reflects an industry shift in market liquidity, pivoting towards futures markets and hinting at the robustness of BTC price movements...