July 2023 CKC.Fund Monthly Market Update

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Market Trends - July 2023

This month, the landscape of the cryptocurrency market underwent a significant transformation driven by recent legal developments within the ongoing SEC vs. Ripple Labs case. Notably, on July 13th, a U.S. district court judge ruled in favor of Ripple, permitting the public sale of its XRP token. Subsequently, several prominent cryptocurrency exchanges promptly reintroduced XRP to their trading platforms.

The market's response was positive, as evidenced by a substantial +35% surge in XRP's value immediately following the announcement. This surge gradually stabilized, culminating in an impressive +75% increase in value by the close of the day. This turn of events reflects the evolving dynamics between regulatory decisions and their impact on the crypto market...

Hong Kong Bay a Digital Currency Hub AI Photography

Will Digital Assets Go Mainstream in Hong Kong:
Paradigm Shifts in Financial Services

Hong Kong's treasury chief, Christopher Hui, announced that the city will allow retail investors to trade cryptocurrencies under a new regulatory regime, affirming the permanence of virtual assets. Hong Kong aims to become a major digital asset hub and will begin accepting license applications from cryptocurrency exchanges. The government's shift towards cryptocurrency, coincides with the reopening of the city and aims to restore its international business reputation. Stringent regulations, risk assessment, and investor education are slated to be implemented to help safeguard against scams. Here are a few reasons why recent regulatory changes in Hong Kong could be seen as a positive sign for the adoption of digital assets...

June 2023 CKC.Fund Monthly Market Update

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Market Trends - June 2023

June ushered in a fresh era of optimism in market sentiment, propelled by significant institutional advancements such as BlackRock's spot Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) application. The impending entry of institutional giants has assuaged risk-averse attitudes, catalyzing a total cryptocurrency market capitalization surge to $1.21 trillion in June, primarily driven by Bitcoin's stellar performance, which marked a +13.6% growth. In the wake of BlackRock's application, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust's (GBTC) discount to its underlying BTC holdings decreased to 37% from the previous 44%. Mirroring this move, Fidelity and Wisdom Tree have lodged their spot BTC ETF applications, with Invesco revisiting its application process...

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Shifting Paradigms: Engagement or Erosion?
(The Hidden Costs of Ignoring Cryptocurrency)

In an era marked by persistent inflation and market volatility, capital deployment strategies are paramount for safeguarding your wealth. Without proper investment, inflation can devalue your savings at an annual rate of 2-10%, or even more. For instance, a 6% average annual inflation could dwindle $100 million into less than $50 million worth of purchasing power in just over a decade. The path to wealth preservation in this high inflation environment necessitates astute investment, and not just within traditional avenues. Achieving a 7% return on investment (ROI), commonly accepted as favorable, is no longer sufficient in countries where inflation rates outstrip these returns. In 2022, for example, a 7% ROI merely broke even with the inflation rates in France, Canada, Spain, and the U.S, which stood at 6.2%, 6.9%, 7.3%, and 7.7% respectively. Some countries experienced double-digit inflation, with 28 exceeding an alarming 20%. Here, $100 million uninvested could lose half its value in just four years, starkly revealing the importance of diversification and astute investment strategies...

May 2023 CKC.Fund Monthly Market Update

Deciphering Cryptocurrency Market Trends - May 2023

In the wake of an impressive Q1 rally where Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) soared by +70% and +55% respectively, May reflected a period of quietude with reduced trading volumes. BTC maintained a monthly range of $26,000–$30,000, while ETH hovered between $1,750–$2,000, reflecting a period of reduced price volatility and subdued trading activity. The daily BTC spot to BTC futures volumes plunged from 0.8 in mid-February to 0.2 by the end of May, marking a 12-month low. This reflects an industry shift in market liquidity, pivoting towards futures markets and hinting at the robustness of BTC price movements...