Welcome to CKC Growth Studio

We are a consulting studio leveraging blockchain technology and crypto growth marketing to create top-tier, digital branded experiences. CKC Growth Studio provides a full suite of services for start-up and developed projects, helping them drive growth regardless of stage.

Planning & Execution: Bridge the Gap

Customized Market-Based Consultation

Our team is constantly consuming the most up-to-date content based around the token and NFT ecosystems. We utilize this information to create high-level strategies for our clients. With the crypto world continually changing at an insanely fast pace, extensive research is required to stay on top of trends, market conditions and new advances in technology. We put in the research time to make sure our clients aren’t left behind.

The Whole Package: Project Management

Design: Get blockchain-specific designs for video & top-tier graphics.
Engineering & Product: Access in-house and contracted blockchain developers to help with tokenomics, Web3 integrations, and more.
Growth & Web Presence: Copywriting, content, community, press, etc.

Major Brands

CKC Growth Studio team members have engaged with a variety of respected institutions.

Blockchain Leaders

CKC Growth Studio team members have collaborated with leading blockchain players.

Why CKC Growth Studio

We help bring blockchain, crypto, and Web3 projects to market! We all find ourselves in a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring value to this emerging space. CKC Growth Studio is committed to adding value to each project we are involved in, creating innovative and unique experiences that engage large consumer and business audiences alike.

Community Growth

  • Telegram build out, moderation hiring/training, management
  • Social media development, management, promotion, collaboration/partnership acquisition, growth hacking
  • Strategic Discord design and build out based on projects brand identity, moderator training and hiring, custom coding for relevant functionality

Partnerships & Influencer Marketing

  • Introduction and product pitches to relevant influencers within CKC Growth Studios network
  • Leveraging our extensive influencer network to acquire new, relevant influencers if needed
  • Utilizing history with influencer network to acquire discounted/under-market costs for these influencers
  • Access to influencers projects wouldn't have ability to access due to strategic partnerships/history in the business
  • Established relationships with widely successful crypto projects
  • Access to projects/companies/non-profits and expert advisors for accelerating growth and providing legitimacy for start-up projects we work with

Event Marketing, Press & Email Campaigns

  • We have our finger on the pulse and existing relationships with major crypto/NFT events
  • Experience attending and creating valuable relationships from events such as NFTLA, Consensus, SXSW, and Davos
  • Mainstream platform access to top publications
  • Content creation for press articles
  • Expert writers in-house that have experience with major blockchain companies
  • Experience creating, producing and managing email drip campaigns with specific goals and KPIs

Engineering & Product Development

  • In-house product development utilizing long-term market knowledge to create innovative use cases
  • Get blockchain-specific designs for video & top-tier graphics.
  • Access in-house and contracted blockchain developers to help with tokenomics, Web3 integrations, and more

Next Steps

For more information on CKC Growth Studio and how we can help your project grow, you can check out our CKC Growth Studio deck or you can book a free consultation.